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About Us

Started by the students of UNSW Computing, the High School Computing Club is an initiative established to help high school students explore the depth and breadth of Computer Science.

From competitions to computer games, the Computing Club hopes to spark the interest of students who are just starting their journey with computing whilst also providing depth for students that have excelled beyond what is taught in the classroom. Currently the Computing Club runs a range of workshops at UNSW, CSE Winter School and, in the future, at schools.

We believe anyone can learn how to code, and that everyone should at least give it a go. Our mentors are current computing students from the University of New South Wales.

Computer Science is a broad topic with fields in Robotics, Security, Computer Graphics, Game design and many more. We hope to show students from all disciplines how a knowledge of computing can help them in the future.

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What we do

10-week Workshops

In depth learning at UNSW. Courses run throughout the year.

Summer/ Winter School

1 day intensive courses during the summer/ winter holidays.


We come to you! Customised courses for schools around Sydney.

Teacher Workshops

We not only teach you the content you need, but also tips and tricks on how to teach computing.


CompClub Regional Workshops. We give workshop tours outside of Sydney


A webapp designed to provide teachers with computing teaching materials and a community of like minded teachers.